NITRIL PLUS - Safety glove impregnated with nitrile

Marking:BUSTERS, Nitril-plus, SIZE and CE Available gloves sizes:Reference Glove size according to EN420 Glove size16-0024 6 616-0025 7 716-0026 8 816-0027 9 916-0028 10 1016-0029 11 11 Security Category:mechanical characteristics according to EN 388abrasion resistance level 3cut resistanc ...En savoir plus

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BUSTERS, Nitril-plus, SIZE and CE

Available gloves sizes:
Reference Glove size according to EN420 Glove size
16-0024 6 6
16-0025 7 7
16-0026 8 8
16-0027 9 9
16-0028 10 10
16-0029 11 11

Security Category:
mechanical characteristics according to EN 388
abrasion resistance level 3
cut resistance level 1
tear resistance level 0
resistance to penetration level 1
The results are measured and are only guaranteed in the palm of the glove.
The EC declaration of conformity has been issued by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Ltd.
SGS House Portland East Grinstead Road
West Sussex RH 19 4ET United Kingdom
(notified body N ° 0120)

Cleaning and maintenance :
New gloves and gloves used should be examined thoroughly before use, and after cleansing
to be sure that the glove has no damage. Gloves can not remain in a polluted state if they are intended for
reuse. In this case, the gloves should be cleaned at best before removing them from the hand as long as
causes no risk. Clean the gloves with a mild detergent, then rinse with clean water and finally dry them
outside. When impurities can not be removed, it is advisable to remove the right glove and the left glove.
alternating, always using the gloved hand so that the bare hand does not come into contact with impurities.

Storage and packaging:
The gloves are packaged in packs with this brochure. The packages are put in cartons, adapted for
transportation. Store gloves in dry places away from sunlight.

Period of conservation:
Provided that the storage is correct, the physical characteristics do not change the first five years.
The quality system used in the production of the gloves is in accordance with ISO 9002. None of the materials
raw materials or processes used in the production of gloves are known to be harmful to the user.

Nota Bene :
The protection of the hand is limited to the caouthouc parts impregnated with the glove. The information mentioned above
are intended to assist the user in the selection of personal protection equipment. The
The results of the physical and chemical tests should help in the selection of the glove, although it must be taken into account that
the current conditions of use can not be simulated and it is the responsibility of the user -
not the manufacturer - to determine the fit of the glove for the specific use.




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